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July 6th, 2008

04:03 pm
Chapter 3:
In which Boy and Dragon fall on earth and have their first encounter with Snow

   They rode across space like a blade of lightning, piercing the darkness of space with their burning lamps. The herd of stars shined especially bright, even brighter than the light that emitted from Boy’s lamp. Often, a star or two would fly away in a different direction from them, and burst into a multitude of fireworks, lighting the blackness of sky with colours of yellow, red, green, and occasionally blue. This show was very spectacular, and would have proved good entertainment had Boy and Dragon not been so busy keeping a steady eye on the hurtling comet and its three starry passengers.


   Finally, Boy caught sight of a tiny blue ball, barely the size of Boy’s fist. It grew bigger and bigger, till Boy could see green and brown pieces scattered around the blue like grinded biscuits. Here and there, the blue ball was smothered around with blank patches, as though someone had forgotten to scribble in the colours properly. At that time, the sun was still in sight at a distance, winking happily at Boy and reminding him of home. The earth, in comparison, did not look very majestic next to the sun’s splendorous light that still shined brightly at a distance.


  “That’s your home?” asked Dragon,” Does not look very incredible to me. In fact, it looks like a ball of dirt.”


  “Yes, indeed!” cried the stars, who were overhearing their conversation, for stars are very nosy creatures.


  “You see—“ said the first star.


  “—Earth is in fact”


  “—made of dirt, and--


  “the dead--“


  “—bodies of stars!” finished the last star.


  “Oh, I’m sorry,” said Boy sincerely,” I didn’t know that Earth killed stars.”


  “It doesn’t—“


  “really—“, said the stars.


  “We’re on our way—


  “—to heaven!” cried all three stars together.


  With that, they hurled away into the dazzling blue of the Earth that was at that time all they could see. Boy did not understand what ‘heaven’ was. Bemused, he watched them hurtle away into the dazzling blue. When they tried to touch the piercing blueness of the Earth, they frizzled out and disappeared, their formerly piercing lights extinguished and gone, leaving no trace. The comet they were carrying, too, dissolved and disappeared, leaving a bright light before it left as a goodbye.


  “Do we land on the blue, green, or white bits?” asked Boy.


  Earth stretched in front of their eyes, still the blue ball they had seen, only this time much bigger. Dragon looked on, the fishes in his emerald eyes swimming a little faster than usual in his unease.


  “Not the blue bits, I don’t think. Look what happened to those stars,” reasoned Dragon.


  “No, and not the green bits, either. I don’t like the look of that colour. It tastes of vegetables,” said Boy, for even the sun knows that boys need vegetables, and hence went through the special trouble of growing them in an otherwise impossible environment.


  “The white bits it must be, then,” said Dragon.


  Boy nodded. The sun lamp they were carrying was still shining brightly, but not as bright as it was before in the face of the earth’s whiteness, for it no longer had any darkness it could use for fuel.


  Dragon flew around the earth for awhile, looking for a place he could land. The blue they were trying to avoid seemed to be everywhere. Finally, they found an especially big cloud, where a pointy object that looked like a finger was poking through it.


  “How small everything appears!” cried Boy, and so it was. The light of the sun makes everything appear so bright it dents the eyeballs, and hence, the dimness of the earth bewildered Boy, who expected all planets to be bright like the sun.


  “Here we go,” said Dragon, and they whirled towards the whiteness, finally piercing it like a blade of lightning. At that, the lamp they were carrying extinguished, and both Boy and Dragon cried out in surprise. Dragon lost his balance and they fell through the cloud for what seemed like an eternity. The wind rushed past them in such a hurry their eyes were pushed shut. It took some effort before Boy was able to regain his composure and open his eyes. When he did, he found himself falling through a sea of blue that seemed to flood the world. Boy gave another shriek of surprise, for it was a beautiful sight.


  Boy saw blue, blue, blue outlined with bits of white. It seemed to stretch to the ends of the universe, even though Boy knew this was not possible for he was sure Earth was a small round ball the last time he remembered. The air whistled and spread around Boy as he fell and a bed of cloud rose to meet him, promising him sleep till he feel right through it clumsily, breaking his clouded bed. The clouds were soft, and a little moist to touch.


  Boy kept falling and falling, till he lost track of how long he had been falling. Gravity pulled him towards the earth desperately, and the ground lay before him in a huge expanse, before it grew and grew and then ran towards him to meet him a little too enthusiastically.


  In the last few seconds, Dragon recovered from his shock and managed to sweep under Boy and land them both safely on the ground. Even then, they landed on their backs in a jumble with their limbs all entangled.


  “Ouch,” said Boy miserably, his head buried in the snow, trying to figure out where his legs and hands were.


  Dragon made a noise, and squirmed around, trying to find his wings before deciding he was too tired and settled with lying like a dead dragon.


  Boy and Dragon lay on the ground for some time, which felt, to their touch, surprisingly like how cloud should feel like if cloud was not just air, and cold in a way they had never experienced before. Boy’s hair, that had until then flew above his head like a flame, had sunk down, spreading around snow like a huge ink stain upon the otherwise white landscape. Their belongings lay scattered around the snow. Inside the little bundle, a second sun lamp carried on glowing, melting the surrounding snow and leaving a puddle of water. Both Boy and Dragon lay on the snow like vandalisms made by unruly children on an otherwise blank and clean wall.

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July 5th, 2008

08:08 pm

Chapter 2:

In which Boy and Dragon Travel through Space


  Boy and Dragon set out from the sun into space. The Sun grew smaller and smaller with each passing hour, till finally it became no bigger than the size of Boy’s head. After that, though, it stopped shrinking, and stayed stubbornly the shape and size of Boy’s head, refusing to grow any smaller.


  It was very dark in space, and it was often very cold. Frequently, they would alight on a passing star (for there are many in space of different sizes and shapes on their way to other destinations) in order to eat the food they brought, or to sleep. Dragon was a very strong dragon, despite his size. He was able to carry Boy and their food for a long distance before getting tired. Even so, they had to take breaks now and then, to replenish their strength.


  Space, as you should know, is a very interesting phenomenon. It is infinitely huge, and usually very cold and dark. There is hardly any air, and almost no food, unless you like eating dust and dirt. Boy and Dragon, however, were very well prepared. They had brought lots of food with them, as well as miniature portable sun lamps they picked out from the fire fields to provide them with light and heat. These sun lamps (that were actually a specialized kind of fire flower) also produced oxygen from the darkness of space, so they could breathe.


  Boy was riding Dragon with his special kind of harness that was made of fire field grass when they saw a whole stampede of oncoming stars and supernovas who were journeying to another end of the universe. Boy asked Dragon to stop, so they could greet the stars.


  “O star!” cried Boy to a passing star, who was carrying his belongings swung over a pointy shoulder.


  “Yes?” said the star, pausing to consider Boy. He was rather puzzled at seeing a human boy travelling through space, as like the sun, space seldom houses human boys. Stars, of course, are very different. They steal life from space, processing darkness and dirt and converting it to light and heat in a very efficient way. This process is very much similar to the way trees take carbon dioxide, and make oxygen (as you would know, if you happen to be a boy, or a human).


  “Do you know the way to earth?” asked Boy.


  The star reached out a pointy hand to his pointy head, and pondered. “Hmm,” said the star,” I think it is that way.”


  The star pointed to the right side of the sun. “Or… Perhaps it’s that way,” and the star pointed to the left side of the sun.


  “Or perhaps it’s that way,” said the star, pointing to the darkness of space above,” Or… there!” pointing below to the swirl of darkness that looked very much like ice cream, if ice cream was chopped up, burnt and tossed into space.


  “I know that perhaps it may be there, or there, or there,” said Boy impatiently, pointing up and down and sideways,” but that’s hardly helpful. I want to know precisely where earth is.”


   “Oh,” said the star,” you didn’t tell me that. In that case, you’ll just have to follow me. I’m a falling star, see. I fall wherever space decides I will. Usually, I fall towards the earth. If you follow me, you’ll be sure to reach somewhere.”


  “And somewhere is as good as anywhere!” screamed out a passing star, before falling steeply downwards and combusting into an explosion of bright light that blinded Boy and Dragon temporarily.


  “I don’t know if we should listen to the star,” said Dragon uneasily,” he doesn’t seem to know where he is going.”


  “But perhaps gravity does,” said Boy.


  Now, you have to understand there is gravity on the sun, contrary to popular belief (which is often, and usually, wrong). The nature of the sun’s gravity, however, is largely different from that of the earth. While the earth’s core pulls things to its surface because it is lonely and desires company, the sun pulls elements to its surface because of its attractive appearance. Space is inhabited by many life forms with no names and faces that feed on only dust and dirt, which is not very appealing at all. Hence, the sun presents itself as a very exotic flower in full bloom. What happens when these nameless creatures reach the sun to partake of its fruits is, to speak bluntly, conclusive.


  “That’s an idea!” said Dragon,” If we manage to find a comet on its way to falling onto earth, perhaps he’ll lead the way!”


  “Now, that certainly sounds like a plan,” said Boy, grinning.


  “Boy,” said Dragon,” since I have the better pair of eyes out of both of us, I’ll look out for a passing comet. Then, we must race as fast as we can before it explodes. You’ll have to be ready to hang on for your life, because I can be very fast.”


  Boy nodded, took out his lantern, and lodged it in between Dragon’s shoulders. He took the stick that held the remainder of the provisions they had brought from the sun and tied it to Dragon’s back so it would not fly away. After that, he wrapped his arms around the sides of Dragon’s long, shiny neck. It pricked his skin a bit, because the edges of Dragon’s scales were rather sharp, despite appearing as smooth as silver. Dragon’s scales were cold to touch, and Boy wondered if this was a consequence of being away from the sun.


  “There!” cried Boy suddenly.


  A new stampede of stars was charging through the darkness of space, bringing in their hearts of blinding light with them. In the centre of this herd of stars, a huge burning stone rolled. Three stars were riding it, and as a result, the stone caught their fire and burnt with starry fire. When Boy shouted, all three turned to look at Boy, and squinted their starry eyes.


  “Too busy!” cried the stars, together.


  “No time,” said the first star.


  “No, no time at all,” agreed the second.


  “Far, too-“


  “—busy to“


  “—help you.”


  “Cause, we’re-


  “—hitching a ride!” screamed the last star across the distance of space.


  “I know!” shouted Boy back,” We’re just following you!”




  “That case—“ said the second star.


  “just-- “


  “-- follow us!” finished the last star in a voice that sounded like the noise of screaming metal.


  “That’s what we were planning to do,” said Boy, annoyed,” can’t you see?” With that, Boy and Dragon hurled through space like twin bullets. Their sun lanterns whirled in a bright swirl of light, and from a distance they looked like a particularly determined falling star.

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08:04 pm

 Chapter 1
In Which the Boy of Sun decides to move, on account of the oppressing Heat


  There was once a boy who lived on the sun. He was the only boy who lived on the sun, for the sun seldom houses little boys, because of their tendency to get fried. This boy, however, was different. His body, out of habit, had adapted itself to the sun, producing convenient secretions that protected him from the sun’s daily glare.


  The boy lived in a house made of stone and shaped like the head of a firebird. It was a very nice house, for it looked over the rolling fiery hills, where flowers the colour of gold burnt eternally, feeding upon the heat that emanated out of the sun’s fiery heart that never extinguished. For the most part, the boy was very happy, for he kept a companion: a small pet dragon whose egg he had found abandoned in the fields one day. The dragon’s name was Dragon Who had the Misfortune of Having his Nest Abandoned on the Hillside, or Dragon for short. The boy’s name, if I have not mentioned it already, was Boy, named so because he was a boy.


  Now, Boy and Dragon lived together happily for many years. They were both orphans, and hence found gladness in each other’s company. Boy’s parents had perished on the sun when, in a final effort of transcendence, they had moved to the sun only to be burnt by it. Boy was then only a baby, and was protected by the infantile tendency that only babies have to survive in extreme situations. Boy, thus, survived while his parents perished and, being a rather hardy baby, grew accustomed to his new home.


  Boy had hair burnt black by the sun that shot out of his head vertically like a flame. It stood up on its own accord, as though blown upwards by a vertical wind. He had golden skin, like the fields he inhabited, and eyes that burned with twin flames, forever reflecting the sun’s smile. He was very well adapted to the sun, and often seemed a part of the fiery fields he inhabited, camouflaging easily into the background. He had no real need of this talent of his, however, for there were no predators, or enemies of boys on the sun. Most of the time, he used this ability of his to play games of hide-and-seek with Dragon, who was also very good at the game, having tiny wings that carried him into the air and above the sight of Boy. At times, he would puff out smoke mists to cover his body. However, Boy always knew where to find him when Dragon did this because all he had to do was look for the only mist on the whole of Sun.


  Dragon had wings that spanned the sky like kites. When he fully spread his wings, you could see multi-coloured shades of rainbow bursting in his wings, as you would be able to see if you captured a bolt of sunlight and forced it through a prism. It was not only his wings, though, that were colourful. His whole body glinted like a thousand rainbows when he moved under the sun. His eyes were emerald, with gold specks swimming like fishes in their pools. These fishes fed on his heartbeat and thus, on the rare occasion he got angry, these specks would flare red, and fire would spit out of his mouth. When he was happy, though, these flames were rainbow-coloured. In this way, Dragon had the ability to spit different types of fire when he wanted to and Boy had to remind Dragon when he was very happy to avoid spitting flames in his direction.


  The land of the sun was a playground for Boy and Dragon, and for the length of countless days (for the sun never sets in the land of the sun, and hence, nobody ever has to say goodbye to happy days), they played and played and were happy. When they tired of their games, they ate from the fruits of the fields that the sun bred. The fruits of the sun are swollen red, yellow and orange like a sunset, tastes of sunrises tinged with cherry, and are very delicious indeed.


  However, one day, Boy grew sick of the endless light and heat, and desired change of weather. He decided to consult Dragon about this, to see what he thought.


  “Dragon, don’t you think it’s getting hotter and hotter every day?”


  Dragon scratched his back with his tail contemplatively, before pouncing on one of the round, fiery balls that inhabit the sun so abundantly.


  “Perhaps you’re getting colder and colder every day.”


  Boy cocked his head to the left. “I don’t think I am.”     


  “You may not think you are, but there is certainly no way to tell.”


  Boy nodded assent, and swatted a hand around the nearest fiery ball. “That is true”


  “Well, if you really want to leave, we can always go to Earth,” said Dragon,” the place you flew in from, that is, not the dirty thing that creatures sometimes excrete. We’ve seen my homeland, perhaps it’s time we visit yours. I’m sure we’ll find other boys like you. If a boy can live on the sun, why can’t a dragon live on earth?”


  “That sounds like an adventure! We must go as soon as possible!” exclaimed Boy excitedly, for he had never had an adventure, and the prospect of such an event stirred his blood.


  “First, though, we have to make plans. We have to be very certain that we’re prepared so we don’t die by accident. That would be very troublesome,” continued Dragon, for he was a sensible dragon.


  “Yes,” agreed Boy,” We’ll pack up all of our belongings today, tie it on a little stick, and you will fly us both to Earth.”


  “We must make sure to say our farewells to Sun, too. Thank him for all of the hospitality he has given us. Pay our amends. You must not forget that.”


  “Yes,” grinned Boy,” And then away to Earth we can go, on a proper adventure!”


  And thus, it followed that Boy and Dragon packed up all their belongings: Boy’s best fire flower weaved clothing, Dragon’s favourite stone, a couple of sun lamps, and a few fire flower fruits for the journey. The next day, they wrapped these all up in a gigantic handkerchief, tied it to a stick, said goodbye to the sun and thanked him (for he had been good to them), and set off for Earth.


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